Executive Camps


Our spacious executive camps feature contemporary interiors of the highest quality, enveloped in a durable exterior that can withstand the harsh weather conditions of any remote location. Torch’s facilities can help you minimize heat loss while lowering your heating bill and offer plenty of natural light with energy-efficient windows and doors. These executive camp accomodations provides private living quarters and a modern workspaces, and have exceptional finishings.

We have two high quality executive camps that can fill specific operational needs for any industry.Our remote Executive Camp is fully integrated with a 48 management bed facility, a combined kitchen/diner/recreation space, and attached by Arctic corridors. It is perfect for a small operations camp or to house a project team at site. This facility is fully equipped and comes with a 6,000 Imp. Gal. water storage unit and a fully enclosed power distribution unit. The camp below is located in Grand Prairie, AB and is available for immediate deployment. It was built in 2010, has never been used and is in immaculate condition.

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