Turnkey Camp Solutions

Rapid Deployment

Food | Housekeeping | Accommodations

Torch Industries Ltd. specializes in the rapid deployment of food and housekeeping services and temporary accommodation operations to remote sites for the oil &gas, mining, forestry, construction, and disaster relief industries. Torch Industries Ltd. provides our clients with the expertise within our ownership group, that has been developed over decades of experience within the hospitality and modular housing industry. The end benefit to the project owner by using Torch Industries Ltd. is to meet and exceed the project needs with a professional and seamless camp operation at competitive pricing through a single supplier and management team. Torch Industries Ltd. has the knowledge and logistical expertise to ensure the complete satisfaction of your workforce.

Targeted Solutions

Meeting you needs

Torch Industries Ltd. can provide many options, from complete turnkey solutions to operation of client owned facilities, meeting your companies temporary housing, camp management and foodservices requirements to support a work force at any remote location. Torch solutions are based on the principal objective of providing our clients personnel with exemplary culinary services, comfortable accommodations, and a friendly, home away from home, atmosphere. At Torch, we recognize the importance of comfortably housed and well-fed personnel and believe this results in a more productive crew who incur fewer injuries and function better as an overall cohesive work force, while helping with our client’s objective of personnel retention.

Project Planning

Ownership Engagement

Torch Industries Ltd. ownership group carries out all project design, estimating, and general contract support. Prior to mobilizing to site, Torch Industries Ltd. operations and contract staff reviews the project to assess its requirements and identify best practices. Staffing strategies and logistics, equipment requirements, supplies and supply logistics and specific situations that may affect the project are all discussed at this stage.

Torch experienced operations staff and support personnel ensure a smooth start-up and a trouble-free working environment throughout the term of the contract. If Torch Industries Ltd. uses a client-supplied facility, additional procedures are followed during start-up. These include equipment inspections with client, review of inventory on hand, and the set-up of a hand over schedule designed to limit the amount of disruption to camp residents.

Customer Satisfaction is Job One

Torch Industries Ltd.is committed to the delivery of services where customer satisfaction is of greatest importance and our employees can enjoy a safe and friendly work atmosphere. We are constantly searching for ways to improve the quality of service to the customer and continually strive for excellence. Torch Industries utilizes technology to assist our staff in maintaining housekeeping tasks, real time Quality Audits, client reservation, check in and check out services and menu planning to ensure a comfortable visit in a clean and safe camp environment. Torch staff have formal and on-the-job training and employees receive a detailed orientation to applicable legislation, regulations, client expectations and Torch Industries Ltd.  own policies and standards. All facilities are inspected regularly, with checklists ensuring that every point is covered; deficiencies are detailed with the appropriate corrective plan of action undertaken. Any hazards, near misses, incidents or accidents are reported immediately to a Torch Supervisor.are reported