Construction Services

Full Service Provider

Fully Trained | Professional | Accredited

Torch Industries Ltd. provides all aspects of modular construction services. Torch supplies fully trained, accredited, and professional personnel to complete your modular construction needs. Torch Supervisors, staff and sub-contractors provide our clients with every item needed to plan and complete their projects, including scope identification, budgeting, material procurement, work plans, QA/QC management, daily LEM reports, and HSE management.


Meeting your needs

Torch Industries Ltd. is proud that our client base includes many clients who have used our modular construction services repeatedly over the last nine years. Torch believes that any successful project requires teamwork, not only within our Torch crews and sub-contractors, but with our clients.

Torch Industries Ltd. ownership group is dedicated to providing our clients with a delivery of service that will ensure they are completing their project economically, within the scope of work, and with safety first and foremost. Torch believes that a successful project is defined by a safe work environment, client satisfaction, and within budget.

Modular Services


  • Transport of modular units to project site
  • Installation/Removal of modular foundations
  • Placement/Tear out of modular structures on foundation
  • Connection/Removal of utilities
  • Complexing/Dismantle of modular units
  • Renovation of existing modular units
  • Repair of existing modular units
  • Maintenance of Modular Units