About Us

Company Profile

We are the full service management solution to your remote housing needs. Our experience on both the client and vendor side allows us to have a comprehensive understanding of your project requirements while adding value to your business. With a focus on safety, we are able to design, create and manage a remote workforce camp solution to attract and retain your workers.

Together, with an exceptional team of employees and contractors, and outstanding relationships with key strategic players in the remote housing industry, Torch tailors and facilitates the most effective solution to meet your housing and worker retention needs.


We will work with you from the outset of the project-planning phase to:

Define your housing requirements

Design the best solution for your needs

Create a realistic budget

Evaluate long-term needs

After our initial assessment, we

Assist in vendor selection

Develop scope of work

Project manage construction

Torch acts as your partner throughout the life cycle of your project. We manage and operate the facility to ensure that project managers and client executives can focus on their core programs, knowing that their workers’ needs are met.