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Turnkey Camps

Torch Industries Ltd. offers turnkey camp options of every size and configuration. The size of a camp or lodge, the range of amenities, the operation of the facility and its lifecycle management are all critical elements in the success of each project. Torch Industries Ltd. respects and understands the challenges companies face in attracting and retaining valuable employees, our goal is to provide our clients with cost effective solutions while maintaining the highest quality standards. Contact us for a quote today.

Modular Construction Services

Torch Industries Ltd. provides all aspects of modular construction services. Torch supplies fully trained, accredited, and professional personnel to complete your modular construction needs. Torch Industries Ltd. ownership group is dedicated to providing our clients with a delivery of service that will ensure they are completing their project economically, within the scope of work, and with safety first and foremost. Torch believes that a successful project is defined by a safe work environment, client satisfaction, and within budget. Contact us for a quote today.

Open Camps

Marten Hills Lodge is located at LSD NE-9-75-26W4, approximately 45 km north of Smith, Alberta. The Lodge features Executive and Jack&Jill room options, Satellite TV and Wi-Fi in every room, outstanding culinary service and a variety of other amenities. Contact us to make your booking today!

Health and Safety Policy

“Safety is our number one priority throughout the full life cycle of your project. We are dedicated to the health and safety of your team and ours, and aim to meet and exceed the highest industry safety standards. Our protocols include camp orientations, weekly staff meetings, reporting programs and extension certificates.

We have completed our Small employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) with the Alberta Construction Safety Association and will soon acquire our full Certificate of Recognition (COR). Additionally, we are ComplyWORKS certified and are fully registered with the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta.

We believe that safety is based on open communication, and Torch Industries fosters an environment of open communication and honesty. Our team and workers are encouraged and trained to identify and reports safety hazards if they are discovered.

For more information about Torch Industries’ safety standards and policies, please contact us. “

Safety Designations and Associations