Hiring a remote camp services company that has all of the required services that meet a company’s unique needs can be a difficult feat. Most companies that require the full construction, operation and maintenance of a remote workforce camp are not able to find one single company that truly “does it all.”    This is why we’ve decided to highlight the 4 benefits of hiring a full-service remote camp company. The benefits discussed include cost effective solutions, communication error minimization, asset protection and the presence of established vendor relationships.

1. Cost Effective Solution 

Hiring a full-service remote camp company will save your company money in the long-term. Working with one company for a remote workforce housing project is a cost-effective solution because expectations are set from the beginning, which results in unexpected costs being minimized.

2. Communication Errors Minimized

Since there are less piece-meal companies involved, there is a smaller error margin for communication issues to be misinterpreted, as there is only one direct line of communication.

3. Protecting Assets

Because there are fewer companies involved in the remote housing project, there is a greater sense of security when it comes to protecting assets. This provides customers with the peace of mind that their information is safe and secure.

4. Established/ Strong Vendor Relationships

Torch has long established relationships with various members in the industry and many vendor connections, making it easier for customers that would rather not do the legwork to find a reliable and cost-effective vendor. Have you ever questioned why all of the services that you need for your remote project are not available from one service provider? At Torch, we offer:

  • Remote Camp Construction and Engineering,
  • Camp Catering and Hospitality,
  • Maintenance Services,
  • Project Management,
  • Remote Camp Operation,
  • Consultation,
  • And more…

  For more information on the types of services offered and what each consists of, please contact us.