If your business is in the market to construct, operate and maintain a remote camp, you know that it can be hard to find a full service workforce camp service that truly “does it all.”How-Does-Your-Remote-Camp-Provider-Measure-Up Each company has unique needs that have to be met by its remote camp service provider. Here we’ll discuss the benefits of hiring a full service remote camp service, including cost effectiveness, minimizing communication errors, asset protection, and established vendor relationships. 1. Cost Effectiveness Hiring a full-service remote camp company will save your company money in the long-term. Working with one company for a remote workforce housing project is a cost-effective solution because expectations are set from the beginning, which results in reducing unexpected costs. 2. Minimized Communication Errors Involving multiple service providers to take care of the variety of services required at a remote camp is a common case of the telephone game. The more individuals that are playing the game, the more likely the message will be distorted. Involving only one remote camp provider to cover all of the services results in a smaller margin of error for communication issues to arise. 3. Asset Protection The less companies involved in the remote housing project, there greater sense of security when it comes to protecting assets. This provides customers with peace of mind that their information is safe and secure. 4. Established Vendor Relationships When your business hires a full service remote camp service, your company gains a sense of security in knowing that you will be using vendors that have a trusted and established relationship with the camp provider. This makes it easier for customers that would rather not do the legwork to find reliable and cost-effective vendors on their own. Want to learn more about how a workforce camp can benefit your business? Contact Torch Industries today!