As a camp manager, you may encounter some of the following situations. Here’s how to handle them. Jumping the Gun: Periodically as a camp manager, you may come across an upset client. It can sometimes be hard to relate to the issue they’re having because you don’t fully understand it. Try to practice listening skills and get to the root of the problem before jumping the gun and making assumptions. Often, small issues can develop into bigger ones if they aren’t handled in a timely or patient manner. Try to make this an opportunity to really listen to the client and go above and beyond to fix the issue at hand. Sometimes just lending an ear can make a person feel so much better and de-escalate the problem. If the client is happy, we are happy. Passing the Buck: On busy days, it can be easy to pass off responsibilities to other team members. Try to avoid passing the buck. If a client is asking for a specific item, such as soap or towels, take responsibility of the request as opposed to radioing another staff member. Take initiative for our clients and give your best to solve issues in the here and now. Tackling these tasks will ultimately make less work for the future. The client will appreciate that you’ve helped them personally, which is the most rewarding part of the job. Numbering the Client: Building real relationships and trust with clients is an essential element of being a camp manager. Clients come from all around the country to stay at camps, and they are likely leaving their friends and family behind. We want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible while staying with us, and we want camp to feel like a home away from home. Try personalizing your greetings and interactions, empathizing with the clients and remembering that you are away from home too. Remember that their room number is not their name, because rapport with a client goes a long way. Happy clients and staff make for a successful camp and you have the ability to fill the camp with positive energy by being upbeat and building relationships with clients and team members.